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For certain conditions that involve blood vessels in the feet and ankles, additional testing may be required for proper diagnosis and treatment. This type of testing, known as vascular testing, is particularly relevant for patients with high-risk diabetes, poor circulation, peripheral artery disease (PAD), and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Procedures typically involve the examination of blood vessels throughout the body for blockages or buildup.

Vascular testing is very important for the diagnosis of various conditions, including PAD and chronic venous insufficiency. These conditions can directly affect the feet and ankles and cause pain in the lower limbs. Circulatory problems in the feet and ankles can reflect issues throughout the body, making testing of the blood vessels important.

At Ankle and Foot Specialty Clinic, we are very proactive with our patients whose circulation is compromised. We offer testing for peripheral artery disease that is simple, fast, and covered by insurance. Our staff is trained to test your legs for arterial blockage in just 10 minutes if you have any symptoms of leg cramps or pain at night. This test evaluates your circulation and ability to heal. 

Because we take circulation issues very seriously, we have a vascular doctor and staff in our office every other Friday if any abnormal findings are noted. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your circulation and would like to schedule vascular testing.    

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