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Minimally Invasive Surgery of Bunions and Hammertoes
Advantages: Comfort of an in-office procedure, Less Swelling, Less Pain, Faster Recovery
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Proudly providing the very latest in advanced technology
MLS Laser Treatment
3D Custom Orthotics


3D Custom Orthotics are the most scientific method for correcting the structure of the feet. That's right-we're talking about orthotics that use 3D printers instead of traditional methods to create customized solutions for your specific needs. We've used this technique to help people who have suffered from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, among many other problems.


Best Staff in Michigan


We practice a minimally invasive approach to your foot or ankle problem with surgery as the last option


Best Staff in Michigan

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Foot & Ankle Conditions

Trusted Expert in Foot Care

Podiatrist Steven L. Sheridan, DPM of Ankle & Foot Specialty Clinic is dedicated to providing patients with comprehensive medical care of the foot and ankle, and so much more.

As Dr. Sheridan’s patients will attest to, his bedside manner is impeccable. He makes his patients feel totally at ease, and his genuine interest in them shines through. Dr. Sheridan always goes above and beyond for his patients. He pays attention to their questions, and explains their condition, test results and treatment options in an understandable way. Patients know what they can expect to happen, and they really feel that he is by their side throughout the process– from diagnosis, to treatment, to follow up.

Dr. Sheridan treats a variety of foot and ankle conditions, such as ingrown toenails, heel pain, corns, calluses, bunions and much more. He specializes in cutting-edge MLS laser therapy, ultrasounds, and many in-office conveniences such as digital X-rays, vascular testing, wound grafting, Dr. Comfort shoes, custom orthotic, casting and bracing. Dr. Sheridan is also an accomplished surgeon affiliated with Marlette Regional Hospital. He will always exhaust all conservative treatments first, and only suggest surgery as a last option, or when absolutely necessary. 

At Ankle & Foot Specialty Clinic, we understand the importance of quality podiatric services and customer service delivered in a convenient and comfortable environment. Our office personnel are polite, professional, and helpful with everything, including navigating insurance. We do accept most insurance plans and we welcome new patients. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our Sandusky office at (810) 414-3338

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Sandusky Office

22 South Elk Street
Sandusky, MI 48471
Phone: (810) 414-3338
11am - 6pm
8am - 4pm
11am - 6pm
8am - 4pm
8am - 4pm

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